Installed System Memory Storage Capacity
Storage Capacity
Diagonal Length
Grey Silver
Apple M2 Apple M3
Installed System Memory Storage Capacity
16 GB 8 GB
Storage Capacity
1x256 γιγαμπάιτε 512 GB 256 GB
Diagonal Length
13.6" 15.3"

Advantages of MacBook Air

MacBook Air is the laptop that redefined portable computing and ushered in a new era in technology. It first appeared on the market in 2008 and instantly became an object of admiration for its ultra-thin design, lightness and high performance.

Apple's MacBook Air was a true revolution in the laptop industry, redefining what an ideal portable computer should be. This innovative laptop emphasizes the importance of design, mobility and performance, opening new horizons for users around the world.

The combination of premium design, high-quality assembly, mutual integration of hardware and the macOS operating system creates an impression of integrity and completeness of the product that other manufacturers cannot boast of. This is what experienced Mac users value most.

In addition to subjective impressions, this line of Apple laptops also has objective qualities that make it worth buying a MacBook Air:

  • The capacious battery provides 9–12 hours of battery life.
  • Premium design, high build quality, compactness and light weight.
  • Modern Intel Iris Graphics, which is enough for both work and entertainment.
  • Modern wireless interfaces Wi‑Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 will provide high-speed Internet, convenient connection of wireless peripherals and close integration with MacBook Air, iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets.
  • High-speed wired Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 interfaces allow you to transfer data to compatible external drives at speeds up to 20 Gb/s.
  • An unrivaled Multi-Touch trackpad and automatic keyboard backlighting for the ultimate laptop experience.
  • Runs on macOS, the best operating system available today, and supports Siri voice assistant. Thanks to it, the laptop works as energy efficiently as possible, while consuming the minimum required amount of energy.
  • The environmental friendliness of the MacBook Air means that a number of toxic substances were not used in the manufacture of the laptop, and the device itself is almost completely recyclable.

MacBook Air models: what are the differences?

There are 2 generations of MacBook Air available for purchase nowadays: released in 2022 and 2023. They are different from the models released earlier in their technical identity. Previously, the company used chips and some other silicone from external suppliers, and in those two latest models Apple has switched to using only in-house silicone designed and produced by Apple. Although the overall concept remained the same, let us discuss some peculiarities of MacBook Air 13 and 15 inches.

  1. Diagonal length – the younger models have a smaller 13-inch size for greater mobility, while the newer models can boast a bigger screen of 15 inches that adds up to the overall laptop functionality if a display size really matters to you. These differences in pixels resolution and working screen area may be crucial for such professions as graphic designers, video editors, content creators, and other professionals requiring more viewing space. Although, those that value the portability of the device and require the longest battery life possible are more likely to opt for a smaller screen.
  2. Productivity – both models were upgraded to the latest innovative Apple M2 chip with 8-Cores (compared to intel processors in previous models), but the graphic processing unit in MacBook Air 15-inch model has 10 cores compared to 8 cores GPU in 13-inch model. These are the heart of MacBook Air performance. The speed and energy efficiency of every action from graphic arts processing to data compilation, the powerful processor and graphic cards ensure that all programs and applications run efficiently.

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