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About Aqara

Aqara is a shortening from two Latin words meaning smart home. Its story began back in 2016 when the brand was established. The mission is to offer innovative devices that are priced reasonably and simple to use to a broad audience.

The brand has developed a chain of several hundred stores and distributors worldwide since 2017. Today, Aqara wireless devices serve more than two million households throughout almost 200 countries.

Aqara strives to make innovative consumer technology accessible to every household across the globe and is constantly growing its worldwide presence.

Benefits of the Aqara brand

  • Well-thought-Out Designs
    The product designs of Aqara were marked with several awards for being both beautiful and universal to fit in with the aesthetics of any home. The items have a clean, minimalist construction that adheres to the principle that less is more.
  • DIY Installation and Setting
    Simple installation and convenient remote management let you get started without any tools or specific skills. The products feature multiple combinations and scenarios, that make it simple for you to modify your intelligent home system as you wish.
  • Complete Smarthome Ecosystem
    The countless options to smoothly automate any home are implemented thanks to the broad range of Aqara sensors and electronica that support all major systems, including Apple HomeKit, Mi Home, and popular voice assistants.
  • Contribution to Eco-efficiency
    Aqara strives to provide consumers with solutions for energy-efficiency. The products use incredibly little energy and work for years without changing the batteries. Also, many sensors and proposed working scenes are intended on cutting electricity consumption and optimizing energy use.

Range of Aqara products

  1. Hubs – All smart home components are managed by Aqara Hub. All hubs have a built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub that enables wireless linking numerous detectors and other infrared devices too and managing their interactions.
  2. Sensors – Brand’s portfolio boasts a vast selection of Aqara sensors for various purposes: movement, leaks, vibration detection; opening doors or windows; monitoring air quality, temperature, and other data. This information is used to perform programmed scenarios by the linked devices via the hub.
  3. Controllers – Various controlling devices include thermostat regulator to optimize your place heating, curtains and roller shade drivers to control the lighting level of your rooms, smart socket plug to control virtually any of your electrical appliances operates off mains.
  4. Cameras - Thanks to the NPU-equipped processor, Aqara cameras are AI-capable and can distinguish faces, gestures, and animals. These cameras record video and serve as hubs, so you can link existing infrared detectors and home devices to create various scenes.
  5. Lighting bulbs and switches - You may turn the light on or off in your home remotely from any convenient location with wireless switch and smart bulbs from Aqara. They have a multi-functional control mode and accommodate many scenarios.

The store offers all the most popular products of Aqara in Cyprus for automating and securing your house.