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Sonos benefits

Sonos is a company that invests in innovation while designing its products and has registered over 2000 patients, including some wireless and speaker pairing technologies. The brand believes that its mission is to bring easy-to-use hi-tech products to a wide range of consumers. For this purpose, the company has launched an open platform to connect multiple partners in one place for a smooth streaming and listening experience. It now has over fifty streaming services brought together. Sonos distributes its devices and services on more than 60 countries all over the world, and you can order these unique products in Cyprus via PrestigioPlaza store.

Sonos products range

  1. Home speakers:
    Sonos Five – this home speaker combines HiFi sound with mobility that gives you freedom to listen to music around your home. The Trueplay technology adapts the EQ of the speaker to the surroundings. Can be connected wirelessly via Wi-Fi to almost any device.
    Sonos Beam – this soundbar creates a strong HiFi sound that fills the room. It can be connected to any device via Wi-Fi including your TV. It also features Night Sound technology for watching TV late without disturbing others.
  2. Portable speakers:
    Sonos Move – a highly durable speaker that is both suitable to use around your place or carry with you wherever you go. It is waterproof and bump resistant, supports voice control, and connects through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The wireless charging base comes in a set for a convenient recharging.
    Roam and Roam SL – these are highly portable speakers due to their light weight, bump resistant, and waterproof constructions. They instantly connect to your Wi-Fi network at home or to your device via Bluetooth when you’re out. The only difference is that Roam model is smart and supports voice assistants.
  3. Home theatre:
    Sonos devices can be easily interconnected into one acoustic system, creating real cinematic sound at your home. For this brand recommends combining a soundbar like Sonos Beam with and a pair of rear speakers, like Sonos Five.