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About Prestigio

For its 20 years’ history, the international brand Prestigio has provided a variety of consumer electronics for the home, workplace, and classroom that comply to ISO standards. 25 million devices were sold by the company during its existence, and it sells its goods in 30 different nations. ASBISC Enterprises Plc., one of the top distributors of IT products in the EMEA markets, is the owner of the Prestigio brand. It has facilities for manufacture, design, and technology in China and Europe.

Benefits of the Prestigio brand

  1. Innovative technologies - The company's tagline for novel items is The art of hi-tech, since significant emphasis is placed on investing in research and introduction of innovation and contemporary technology.
  2. High quality and premium materials – All the products are designed to implement cutting-edge principles and technologies and are created with premium components on Prestigio own facilities.
  3. Both home and business electronics - The company's offerings include innovative products for business and education, as well as smart consumer electronics, devices, and accessories for home and everyday use.
  4. Accessible costs – Prestigio encourages reliability and transparency in business and thinks that consumers should be able to afford products with the latest technologies.

Range of Prestigio products

Prestigio product’s portfolio includes unique one-of-a-kind products which are the company’s own development. Among them you can find:

  • Touch keyboards – interactive wireless keyboards with a touchpad on each key (it takes up over 80 percent of the work surface). It can be used instead of the touchpad to move the mouse, click, zoom, and browse content.

  • Graphene power banks – the unique graphene technology makes these power banks highly functional. Up to five devices can be simultaneously wirelessly charged by graphene banks via a USB cable. The Graphene portable battery can be fully charged in under 50 minutes.

  • Wireless chargers – these chargers work with three gadgets at once. It has integrated induction chargers for smartphones, headphones, and watches.

Among the Prestigo consumer range you can also find smart speakers and portable acoustics, premium sets with electric corkscrews. When it comes to business solutions, the brand offers interactive multiboards, devices for presentations, and various digital signature solutions.

In the catalog you can find a wide range of home and business devices from Prestigio in Cyprus.