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About Loewe and We. by Loewe

Loewe is an original German brand of luxurious consumer electronics. It was founded in 1923 and over the whole century’s history it has grown into a globally presented company with a long tradition operating in 42 countries today. We. By Loewe is a subbrand of this company with more affordable prices and still designed and crafted in Germany. Its product lines strive to develop innovative, functional, and intuitive products with a unified appearance across the entire portfolio.

Benefits of the Loewe and We. by Loewe brands

  • The designed and engineered in Germany – Loewe home office and production facility are in Kronach, so the brand clearly sticks to its tradition and remains anchored in the region of its origin.

  • Premium quality – The strict manufacturing principles enable prominent customization: in contrast to mass production, Loewe is designing highly practical, up-to-date, and durable electronics.

  • Fair pricing – The brand is oriented to both customers of average age and a younger target group. Premium quality, unique design, and sustainability are basic principles.

  • Latest technologies – Combining 4K OLED panels with other innovative technologies (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision) brings perfect image clarity and utmost viewers’ pleasure. The integrated powerful soundbar emits warm bass waves that add up to a rich sound.

  • Quality control – Loewe TV sets are checked individually at the final stage of production and calibrated for perfect performance.

Range of Loewe and Loewe products

  1. Bild TV - Loewe bild c TVs feature next-gen Edge LED screen panels for superb pictures. UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution with HDR technology provide optimal contrast. The sound system has a bass reflex box that produces warm deep tones for you to discover the potent sounding.

  2. Iconic TV - Unique sculptural appearance (stands’ solution made of stone) comes with OLED technology and a room-filling sound system that becomes a perfect home cinema. The 3.1 soundbar has front-facing drivers and two subwoofers for a room-filling sound.

  3. We. See TV - Ultra High Definition and LED are presented in this line of Smart Streaming TVs for natural colors and deep tones. The internal audio system delivers output of 80 Watt. Table stand is included and manages the cable to install the device optimally.

  4. Klang Speakers - Klang s smart streaming systems ensure smooth listening with various technologies supported (Internet radio, podcast, DAB/DAB+ tuner, CD slot). You can program up to 25,000 custom stations plus podcasts.

  5. We. Hear Speakers – Ergonomic and light the speaker comes in two sizes 9x22x8,3 cm and 12,5 x 29 x 12 cm. It is splash and dustproof – perfect for music anywhere you go. The total power output is 40 watts and battery life delivers up to 14 hours on a single charge.