How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones

Even if you are the most ardent fan of wired devices, at some point you will surely consider buying wireless headphones. These devices have become especially relevant after some smartphone manufacturers began to abandon the 3.5 mm jack connector.

Most people would rather pay attention to brand recognition and price. Often, they are reluctant to dive deeper and understand the important characteristics of such devices. Let us talk about the most essential points to consider for choosing the right wireless headset and stay happy with your purchase.

Any Bluetooth headphones can be used without wires and cables, and this is without a doubt their most important advantage. It is this design feature that gives user a much greater freedom of action and movement compared to wired models of headphones. Let us list the most important parameters that you should pay attention to first:


  1. TWS-headphones are called truly wireless because they are not wired to each other and can work both together and separately;
  2. Though, a more classic version with headband is still relevant and popular mostly among audiophiles and gamers.

Form factor.

Shapes and sizes of wireless earphones and headphones mostly repeat wired devices and can be compact or of a full-size.

  1. Small Bluetooth earbuds or earphones are fixed outside the ear canal. Cheaper models of wireless earbuds usually have poor or no soundproofing characteristics, although some brands produce Bluetooth earphones with active noise cancelling feature, like Bang & Olufsen.
  2. Larger over-ear headphones have cushions that are connected by a headband. They fit close to the ears and sit firmly on the head but would not suit for people who feel uncomfortable pressure because of a headband.

Data Transmission Technology.

This parameter is responsible for the compatibility of the headphones with third-party devices. The market is currently dominated by radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. The first option is convenient for indoors, as it connects to audio equipment using a bulky transmitter, which is very inconvenient to carry around. But the range of radio communication is much greater, which allows you to move far from the source of music.
  2. Bluetooth headphones are ideal to use on the go. They are not tied to a transmitter, save battery power, and can receive a signal from any gadgets that are also equipped with Bluetooth.

Additional Features.

  • Noise Cancellation – If you would like to enjoy your music without distractions in any place or need to concentrate on your work, it is better to choose models with active noise cancellation function;
  • Music Time and Speaking Time – These features denote how long the headphones will work on a single battery charge. On average, wireless devices can do without recharging from 12 to 20 hours but it heavily depends on a model and manufacturer;
  • Audio Specifications - Choose headphones with a sensitivity of at least 95 dB, with a frequency range of 20 to 20 Hz and a resistance (impedance) of 16 to 32 ohms;
  • Smart control via your smartphone or laptop – Nowadays, many manufacturers offer to download their own application for convenient device setting;
  • Auxiliary connector and cable included in the kit – This is a great bonus that lets you can connect via the good old cable to different devices. The microphone turns the headphones into a headset.

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