About PrestigioPlaza

PrestigioPlaza is part of the international holding company ASBIS, a distributor of IT products in more than 75 countries around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with premium products of the highest standards which can upgrade your lifestyle. Each brand and individual product were carefully selected according to the latest innovations and worldwide trends; with the aim to offer a lasting experience to their users. In our store you can find as a large selection of quality accessories and unique gadgets from around the world.

At PrestigioPlaza.com, customer satisfaction is our priority. An experienced team of professionals will help you choosing a new device and provide you with premium software configuration services and trainings in our high-tech showroom, your business or at home.

An important part of our mission is also to give a second life to used products. The challenge in purchasing used products is to ensure they have an excellent working condition; which could be proven risky when the owner is unknown. At PrestigioPlaza.com, a special production team is responsible for checking all incoming devices and guarantees their working condition. Now you can buy refurbished devices with a guarantee from a reliable partner at a discounted and affordable price.