Atelier Limited Editions


Ultra-rare, and we mean it. Carefully curated, just like your daily soundtrack. And that colour? It’s all you.
Only a limited number of each of the Atelier Editions are available, with new drops coming later in the year.
Now’s your chance to bring the current editions home.

Atelier exclusive new colourways

Amazing colours that are anything but beige. Transforming a room from vibrant and energetic to calm and soothing. And that’s before you’ve even pressed play. Drawn in by its beauty and charmed by its design. Each new exclusive colour grabs your attention and holds it long after the music has stopped playing.

Available online and in select Bang & Olufsen stores.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen, Beach Glass

Introducing Beosound 2 Beach Glass. Gentle and light. Reflective even. Fills your home with a sense of relaxation and carefreeness. Your special moment. Made more special with the hint of beach vibes. Chill as its stunning 360-degree sound reflects your mood. Beosound 2 Beach Glass. Good vibes.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen, Honey Tone

Sweet. Soft. Smooth. Beosound 2 Honey Tone captures the essence of summer. Adding a perfect glow to any room. Balanced. With an abundance of richness. Both in colour. And in sound. Fill your home with 360-degree sweet-sounding, mellifluous tones. As pleasing on the eyes as it is on the ears. Beosound 2 Honey Tone - summer’s sweetest finish.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen, Zesty Orange

Excited? You should be. The Beosound 2 Zesty Orange will light up any room. Fun. Exciting. It’s called zesty for a reason. Put your whole mood into this one. Press play to unleash this energetic bundle and engage all your senses. Beosound 2 Zesty Orange - summer’s zestiest finish.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen, Racing Green

Introducing Beosound 2 Racing Green. Exhilarating, heady, keen, energetic, spirited, fast-paced, lively… Send all your senses into overdrive. And you haven’t even pressed play yet. Underneath its indulgent racing green beautiful exterior, lies a decadent 360-degree sound performance to match its racy colour. Ready. Steady. Go. Go. Go.

Beoplay EX, Hazy Blue

Put the world on pause for a moment – or up to eight hours on a single charge. Beoplay EX Hazy Blue is your high-fidelity retreat in the time of blossoms. Advanced noise cancellation. Sound as lush as May foliage. And those spring showers? Don’t worry, Beoplay EX Hazy Blue is fully waterproof too.

Drop #10: Beosound 2 Northern Sky Turquoise

The deep indigo of night crowned by a mysterious glow of ice-kissed sky. Beosound 2 Northern Sky Turquoise doesn’t just dance between profound darkness and celestial wonder. It fills your home with the hue of open sky – and your ears with cloud-splitting 360-degree sound.

Limited to just 48 units, Beosound 2 Northern Sky Turquoise is a rare gem available exclusively in Europe.

Drop #11: Beoplay EX Northern Sky Turquoise

Sound as crisp as the arctic air. Noise cancellation as deep as the silent night. Looks as dynamic as the sky above. That’s Beoplay EX Northern Sky Turquoise: a pocket-sized, high-fidelity escape from the ordinary.

Only 100 units of Beoplay EX Northern Sky Turquoise are available in Europe.

Engineered for expression

The Atelier Editions is the meeting point of form, function, and fashion. Now with a hit of colour.
The fine details are settled here in Denmark, checked by hand and eye.
The final touch? We anodise the aluminium so it shines as much as the sound. This is a gem you won’t want to keep hidden.