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About Logitech

In 1981, Logitech was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland, and quickly expanded to Silicon Valley. The company started bringing new technologies through its innovative accessories for computers, such as infrared, laser, cordless mouse, and more.

For over four decades, Logitech has expanded its global presence and product design expertise. The focus of brand products is on how consumers interact and connect with the online world. They keep building at the center of everything they make, spanning each department, profession, and sub-brand (it owns quite a few of them, including Streamlabs and Jaybird), in order to create really unique and lasting experiences and consumer relations.

Logitech benefits

  1. Innovative designs - To create meaningful and impactful experiences, the brand places construction at the heart of every team and discipline. Since 2015, over 250 awards have been given to Logitech and its brands by prestigious international publications.
  2. Unique technologies used - Since they use distinctive inventions from the corporation, many Logitech products are covered by registered patents in the US.
  3. Sustainable approach – the company is making significant efforts to lessen its carbon footprint and improve the environment. They are switching to more circular materials and seeking fresh approaches to cut waste and prolong the life of goods, parts, and resources.
  4. Affordable costs - The company believes that customers should have access to fashionable goods made using cutting-edge technology and that ethical business practices should be upheld.

Range of Logitech products

The main focus of the brand and its sub brands is on developing and producing innovation PC peripherals that people can use for a wide range of purposes:

  • Work & Study – In this category you can find headsets, computer mice, and keyboards featuring wired or wireless technologies. They are designed to facilitate everyday working or studying processes and make them smooth and enjoyable.
  • Business – In addition to computing peripherals, Logitech offers complete business solutions for video conferencing and presentations. They include cameras, microphones, Doc stations, presenters, and other equipment that help conduct convenient and productive meetings. These are usually designed to fit rooms and groups of various sizes.
  • Gaming – All peripherals and equipment for gamers are produced under the Logitech G brand. In addition to controllers and gamepads, it offers innovative gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and even mousepads.
  • Content creation – For bloggers and various content creators, it offers cameras and microphones for recording high-quality sound and video, conducting live streams, webinars, or online education.

On the store, you can find a wide variety of products from Logitech in Cyprus for home, office, gaming, businesses, and content creation.