What peripherals do you need for a gaming PC?

PC gaming comprises a substantial share of the world’s market and for many remains one of the most exciting ways to spend their free time and feel belonging to a community. There is a variety of accessories for computer gaming, but here are the ones that are essential for a successful setup:

  1. Keyboard - mechanical keyboards are the most widely purchased gaming accessory. Gamers often seek models supporting full customization (programming buttons and setting macros). A wrist rest with magnetic attachment and backlit design are nice additions to keyboard functionality.

  2. Mouse – both wired via a USB cable and wireless options are popular among gamers. Look for high speed, programmable buttons, high DPI rate, and battery capacity if you opt for a wireless mouse. The design and weight should also be considered for a comfortable game.

  3. Mousepad – a mousepad should have a smooth upper and non-slip bottom surface to provide full control of your actions. Gaming mousepads come in diverse sizes and the biggest of them cover the whole desk area.

  4. Speakers and headset – quality PC speakers with subwoofer are essential for creating an atmosphere in your room while playing. Headphones or headset are also worth investing in for a night setup or in case you feel more comfortable this way.

  5. Webcam and microphone - these devices are required if you like to build a team to play online or stream and record your setups. A high-resolution camera with low-light feature provides clear video and the microphone makes sure that everyone can clearly hear you.

  6. Gaming controllers – they are not only compatible with consoles, but also with PCs. These include gamepads and joysticks for various simulator games and drive wheels with pedals for a realistic racing experience.

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