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About AENO

AENO is a young brand of smart home appliances with highly functional design. It is developing fast and winning the hearts of customers across Europe. Although the brand originates from Europe, all the products are designed and manufactured in China on a modern production facility.

The brand states its mission is to facilitate everyone's access to smart technology and take the load of household duties off its customers. This way the brand helps to enrich people's lifestyles by freeing more time to spend with family and friends.

Benefits of the AENO brand

  • High quality – Brand’s products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility from high-quality materials. It also tackles packaging design in a sustainable, plastic-free manner.

  • Smart technologies - Smart home devices bring innovations to chores and everyday life. The brand selects the greatest technologies so its user-friendly products to deliver maximum comfort to the homes of their consumers.

  • Accessible prices - AENO believes that consumers shouldn't overpay for brand names and supports honesty and reliability in business. A two-year warranty is additionally offered on all items from the brand.

  • Laconic design - Smoothly designed models blend in with any decor, from neoclassicism to high tech. All AENO products are designed in the same manner and go great together.

  • Wide range of products - The product line consists of air purifiers, steam mops, stick and robot vacuum cleaners, blenders, ovens, kettles, and electric grills, among other smart home equipment for cleaning and cooking.

Range of AENO products

The company's product offering spans several major categories, which include following popular appliances:

  1. Air purifiers and humidifiers help establish a wholesome microclimate at living area.
  2. Smart eco heaters are pets and kids friendly and keep your place warm and safe even if you are away.
  3. Robot vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, and steam mops serve for maintaining your place clean.
  4. Clothes steamers are examples of clothing care appliances
  5. Various kitchen appliances (electric grills, stationary and handheld blenders, electric ovens, Sous-Vide, vacuum sealers)
  6. Hygiene-related smart devices - electric toothbrushes with modes for different dental issues and irrigators.