Vacuum Sealer AENO VS2 White

    Art: AVS0002

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    This vacuum sealer has Automatic and Manual control, which lets you seal any kind of food, even soft and delicate. You can also select the mode for Dry or Moist food sealing.
    The set includes an adapter hose for vacuum-packing food in containers.

    You will also get a gift of an online book of professional recipes suitable for the programs of vacuum sealer.

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    79 EUR

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    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Additional information
    Marketing Model Name
    Commercial Name
    Vacuum Sealer VS2
    Appliance Type
    Vacuum Sealer
    Control Type
    Electronic Control
    Solder Joint Width
    2 mm
    Maximum Packet Width
    30 cm
    Vacuum (kPa)
    75 kPa
    Vacuum dry or moist products: choose the DRY for solid food and the MOIST for poached, simmered or steamed food.
    Ideal for delicate products: pulse mode
    Saves space in freezer
    Perfect for fast pickling
    Safe time: organize portioned food for whole week
    No mess in operating: special compartment for excess fluid
    Perfect for food containers
    Lunch sealing: perfect for kids and picnics
    Keeps fresh herbs and spices
    Lightweight: easy to move around
    Safe to use: quick stop button
    Low noise level
    Suitable with all types of corrugated sealing bags
    Perfect asisstant for AENO Sous Vide
    Pleasant to touch cover
    Bag locking system: keep your hands free
    Compact and ergonomic design
    Light indication: red - dry mode, blue - moist mode
    Keep food fresh 5x longer
    Powerful: 75kPa suction strength, 4.5L/min
    Fast: 1 bag vacuuming - about 10 sec
    Multipurpose use: 3 operation modes
    Easy to use: one touch automatic operation
    3 modes of operation: pulse, vacuum&seal, seal
    Accessories included: container adapter, 10 bags (5 pcs 15 cm ? 20 cm, 5 pcs 20 cm ? 30 cm)
    E-recipe book
    Chassis Material
    ABS Plastic
    Included Accessories
    Container Adapter
    10 bags (5 pcs 15 cm Γ— 20 cm, 5 pcs 20 cm Γ— 30 cm)
    External Colour
    Cord Length (m)
    1.55 m
    Maximum Noise Level
    60 dB
    Plastic Details
    907g Not Recycle
    7g Recycle
    Dimensions & Weight
    Depth (mm)
    375 mm
    Height (mm)
    70 mm
    Width (mm)
    150 mm
    Nominal Weight
    0.937 kg
    Input Voltage
    AC 220 V
    Input Frequency
    50 Hz
    Maximum Output Power
    120 W


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    Vacuum Sealer AENO VS2 White
    79 EUR