Toothbrushes AENO DB6, Sonic, Black

    Art: ADB0006

    Toothbrushes with sonic vibration are clinically proven to wipe plaque from teeth and gum lines a lot more efficiently than usual ones.
    The DB6 The brush is made with premium-quality bristles that last a lot longer than other materials.

    It offers 5 scenarios suitable for anyone: Clean for daily brushing, White for efficient polishing, Sensitive for delicate brushing, Massage for healthy gums, and Gum Care gentle gum care.

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    2 years warranty
    Free return witin 14 days
    Dental Brush DB6
    Your smile is brilliant
    5 cleaning scenarios
    46 000 vibrations per minute
    40 days without charging
    Sonic toothbrush
    The sonic toothbrush is clinically proven to remove many times more plaque than a regular toothbrush. It removes plaque from the teeth and along the gum line without damaging the gums themselves.
    5 cleaning modes
    It can effectively clean every corner of the mouth and is recommended for daily use

    Polish bright white teeth and brush into white teeth

    Take care of sensitive gums and accompany the oral cavity through the unhealth period.

    It is recommended for beginners to protect gums from bleeding discomfort

    Gum care
    Gently massage the gums and do SPA to them
    46 000 vibrations per minute
    Under the influence of high-frequency oscillations from biological fluids and toothpaste oxygen-saturated finely dispersed foam is formed, which easily penetrates into hard-to-reach areas, destroys and washes away soft plaque.
    Wireless charging
    Convenient wireless charger can be used as a brush stand to increases the comfort of using the toothbrush, since you do not need to plug the charger to the toothbrush - just leave it in the stand and it will always be charged.
    40 days without charging
    Just 4 hours of wireless charging give up to 40 days of battery life without recharging for everyday use* or 90 days long standby.
    DUPONT™ filaments with head change indicator
    DUPONT™ TYNEX® - premium quality toothbrush bristles to the oral care industry for over 75 years. In clinical studies, Tynex® bristles continue to show excellent wear performance and greater bend recovery compared with other materials. Interdental Cleaning, Plaque Removal, Gum Comfort, Gingival Cleaning and Anti-microbial have always been major needs of the oral care. DuPont has developed a series of bristles solutions to fulfill all consumer needs.

    Blue indicated bristles remind user to change toothbrush head - when the blue indicated bristle fade to white, it means user have to change brush head.
    Smart reminder system
    Dentists suggest that each brushing should be not less than 2 minutes. Smart reminding system will remind to change the brush area 4 times every 30 seconds for effective cleaning of all tooth surfaces.
    IPX7 waterproof
    To quickly rinse your whole toothbrush under running water or clean your teeth while showering.
    2 brush heads + icons
    The kit includes 2 brush heads with different icons on them. Just choose your icon and you will always know where your brush head is.

    Product specifications

    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Additional information
    Marketing Model Name
    Commercial Name
    Sonic Electric Toothbrush DB6
    Kind of Appliance
    Electric Toothbrush
    Toothbrush Type
    External Colour
    Max Speed
    46000 rpm
    Toothbrush Mode
    Gum Care
    Bristles Type
    Dupont, Medium Hardness
    5 cleaning scenarios: cleaning, whitening, massage, sensitive, gum care
    Included: 2 brush heads, wireless charging station
    Brush heads with icons: just choose your one
    Convenient wireless charging and storage station
    x10 more effeсtive than manual brush
    46000 high vibrations per minute: Fast Sonic technology for better cleaning
    Brush head change reminder: take the new one, when the bristles turns white
    2 minutes timer including 30 sec dental zone change reminder
    Travel with your toothbrush: up to 40 days without recharging
    Ideal for sensitive gums, braces, dental implants
    Dupont - premium quality bristles
    Shower safe use: IPX7 waterproof
    Long-life materials: color loss protection and metal rod
    Anti-slip and soft-touch cover
    Battery level indication will remind you to charge your toothbrush
    In the Box
    Wireless Charging Station
    2 brush heads
    Brush Heads
    With Different Icons
    With Time to Change Head Indicator
    Compatible Accessories
    ADBTH3-5 - Brush Heads White
    ADBTH4-6 - Brush Heads Black
    ADBTC5-6 - Travel Case Black
    CE, ROHS
    Battery Technology
    Lithium Ion
    Battery Cell Quantity
    Battery Current Capacity
    2.775 WHr
    Full-charge time
    4 hr
    Output Voltage
    3.7 V
    Battery Notes
    Packing Instruction IATA: The gross weight of the package does not exceed 30kg.
    Battery weight: 0.0188 kg
    Battery is built inside
    Battery performance: 750 mAh
    UN Number: 3481
    Battery Average Run Time
    Standby Time:
  • Max 40days
    Operating Time on Full Charge Time:
  • Max 150days
  • Environment
    Protection Standarts
    Plastic Details
    ABS 758
    0.0276g Recycle
    ABS 15A1
    0.3g Recycle
    PC/ABS PC-345
    0.0027g Recycle
    POM MC90
    0.02g Recycle
    0.0009g Recycle
    10g Recycle
    1g Recycle


    Toothbrushes AENO DB6, Sonic, Black
    89 EUR