Steam Mop AENO SM1, White

    Art: ASM0001

    Steam mop makes cleaning fast and nearly effortless. Don’t scrub anymore - just slip the mop around and steam will do hard work for you.
    The set includes 8 changeable brushes for any kind of surface or material. Capacious water tank allows using the mop for more than 30 minutes without refilling.
    You can set temperature and pressure on a touchscreen display. Hot steam removes pathogens and unpleasant odours.

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    Steam Mop SM1
    Steam almighty! Kills up to 99%
    of germs and fungi in seconds.
    Ready to use in 17 seconds
    110°C + adjustable steam control
    Up to 38 minutes with a fool water tank
    5 brushes, carpet glider, shoulder strap
    Less time scrabbing
    Using a steam mop is quick and nearly effortless. It takes about 15-17 seconds to heat the mop! Then you just change brushes and glide around, while the steam does all the hard work.
    Kills up to 99% of harmful
    Floors, walls, furniture and more
    By changing the diverse brushes, you can easily clean off the stubborn dirt in the entire home. Floors and carpets, walls, doors, windows, tabletops, curtains or even shoes, clothes and toys – any surfaces, which tolerate 110°C.
    The water tank of 380 ml allows you to thoroughly clean during 38 minutes without refilling.
    Product Hints
    Touchscreen display
    to turn on/off, indicate the temperature or adjust the steam power
    Steam power adjustment
    two modes: an orange indicator for maximum power, white for normal
    380 ml water tank
    fitted with water filtration, allows to clean for 38 min
    Aroma oil inlet
    to leave a pleasant aroma after cleaning
    What is in the box
    Shoulder strap
    Wall bracket
    Main brush
    Plastic scraper brush
    Metal scraper brush
    Round scraper brush + cloth cover
    Two-in-one brush with retainer, foam pad and cloth cover
    Carpet glider
    + 2 cloth covers
    There is no need
    for toxic chemicals
    Hot steam easily kills pathogens and nasty odours. Moreover, there is a separate inlet on the brush
    for aromatherapy oils. One or two drops would be enough to fill your space with a beautiful scent.
    Tap water is okay
    There is a water filtration system in the mop, it captures minerals and other contaminants, making your life easier and extending the lifespan of the mop.


    Product specifications

    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Additional information
    Marketing Model Name
    Commercial Name
    Steam Mop SM1
    Appliance Type
    Steam Mop
    Water tank capacity
    380 ml
    Aroma Oil & Desinfectant Container
    Long-life hit-resistant plastic
    Multifunctional: removes dirt, grease, stains and limescale on floors and above floor surfaces. Refreshes your carpets and furniture
    Removes deep grease stains and disinfect working surfaces in the kitchen
    Disinfection and deep cleaning of bathroom appliances
    Disinfects toys and kids furniture
    Takes care about your wardrobe: steams clothes and cleans nubuck shoes
    Deep cleaning of tiles and grouts
    Perfectly cleans windows and mirrors
    Easy cleaning in hard-to-reach places
    Easy cleaning of hard-to-clean places
    Ready to use in just 17 sec
    Removable water tank - easy to refill
    Built-in water filter prolongs the device life
    Vertical and horizontal steaming
    Suitable for laminate and wooden floors
    Ultralight: just 1.3 kg
    Up to 38 minutes without refilling
    Shoulder strap: keep your hands free
    Convinient touchscreen: on/off, temperature indication, steam intensity adjustment
    Disinfect your carpet with a special frame
    Wall-mount: easy to store
    Cleans and disinfects without chemicals
    110° steam kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria
    2 modes of steam power for different types of surfaces
    Modern and stylish design
    Auto power off: overheat and dry tank protection
    Reseizable handle
    Machine washable mop pads
    Descaling pin for limescale cleaning
    Eco packaging
    Enlarged 380 ml water tank
    Tile Joints
    Kitchen Appliance
    Clothe Steaming
    Windows and Mirrors
    Sanitary Ware
    Steam Temperature
    110 °C
    Steam Supply Rate
    27 g/min
    Heating Time
    17 s
    Runtime (minute)
    38 min
    Noise Level Lc IEC (dB)
    38 dB
    Cord Length (m)
    5 m
    Chassis Material
    ABS Plastic
    Built-in Water Filter
    Steam Pressure
    3 bar
    CE, ROHS
    Vacuum Cleaners Included Accessories
    Wall Bracket
    Extension Hose
    Shoulder Strap
    Plastic Scraper Brush
    Metal Scraper Brush
    Round Scraper Brush with Cloth Cover
    Two-in-one Brush with Retainer
    Foam Pad and Cloth Cover
    Cloth Cover for Carpets
    Carpet Glider
    Descaling Pin
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    40 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    -5 °C
    Maximum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature
    40 °C
    Minimum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature
    -5 °C
    Maximum Operating Humidity
    70 %
    Minimum Operating Humidity
    20 %
    Maximum Non-Operating Humidity
    70 %
    Minimum Non-Operating Humidity
    20 %
    Input Voltage
    AC 220-230 V
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Maximum Output Power
    1200 W
    Plastic Details
    506g Recycle
    204g Recycle
    188g Recycle
    80g Recycle
    Transparent ABS
    101g Recycle
    28g Recycle
    777g Recycle
    11.7g Recycle
    Dimensions & Weight
    Width (mm)
    251 mm
    Height (mm)
    1130 mm
    Depth (mm)
    146 mm
    Nominal Weight
    1.3 kg


    Steam Mop AENO SM1, White
    139 EUR