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About Canyon

The global brand Canyon developed in 2003 in the Netherlands and has a dynamic growth. During its 20-year existence it has offered a range of consumer electronics aimed mainly at youth - wearables and accessories for the workplace and gaming. Throughout its existence, the company has sold millions of devices worldwide and does business in 30 different countries in Europe and the Middle East. The brand is owned by ASBISC Enterprises Plc., one of the leading distributors of IT goods in the EMEA region. The products are designed and manufactured on technological capabilities in both China and Europe.

Benefits of the Canyon brand

  • Top-quality materials: All devices are made on Canyon's premises using trusted components and modern technologies.

  • Wide range of accessories: The brand offers assorted items for gaming and working at home and office (like multimedia pointing devices), as well as sophisticated consumer wearables and gadgets for daily use.

  • Innovative and ecological approach: The company's slogan is You can! since it places an emphasis on smart consumption trends, where you buy a quality item and enjoy using it for years since it employs cutting-edge technologies and remains up to date.

  • Attractive designs and affordability - Canyon supports openness and ethical relations with customers who should be able to buy stylish products with the newest technologies.

Range of Canyon products

  1. Stylish wearables – smartwatches and wireless Bluetooth earphones that help maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying in touch with your friends, enjoy music and clear calls, high-end stereo sound.

  2. Accessories for devices – high-tech power adapters, trendy wireless chargers for multiple devices (mobile phone, watch, and earphones), power banks with different capacities.

  3. Gaming equipment - high-quality gaming keyboards, mice, various controllers and gamepads that feature programmable buttons and integrated memory modules; and other items like gaming chairs and mousepads.

  4. PC peripherals – from habitual keyboard, mice, and web-cameras to multifunctional USB-hubs and Dock stations. For anyone who values innovative design and innovative functionality in computer peripherals at a reasonable price, Canyon gadgets are the ideal option.

You may find a vast selection of equipment for personal use, gaming, and workplace from Canyon in Cyprus on the shop.