Magnetic Charger APPLE MagSafe

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    Wireless charging is easy with the Apple MagSafe magnetic charger.
    If your iPhone is of 12 series and higher, then it can be attached by perfectly positioned magnets that enable quicker wireless charging of up to 15W.
    MagSafe is a Qi-certified charger and may be used to wirelessly charge iPhones of 8 or later series, AirPods with a wireless charging case, and other compliant devices.

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    Apple Company has started revolution in the sphere of personal computers in 1970-s when Apple II was announced.

    In 1980-s they showed a brand new approach to personal computers by introducing Macintosh. Apple was awarded for breakthroughs in computer technologies , introducing operating system OS X, iLife and professional applications. Apple swept the market of mobile phones and digital multimedia implying iPods, iTunes and the unique iPhone conception.

    Today Apple is the leading company in IT industry and it provides customers with innovative and outstanding technologies.


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    Magnetic Charger APPLE MagSafe
    45 EUR