Electric Grill AENO EG1

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    Electric grill AENO EG1 features several heating modes and wide customization features like setting temperature and programmable timer.
    The plates have 2 working surfaces - ribbed for grilling and flat for cooking versatile foods.
    The grill can be opened at 180 degrees for 2 panels to form a large cooking area.
    They are also easy to remove and clean under a tap or in a dishwasher.

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    Electric Grill EG1
    Lots of taste, minimal effort
    Key points
    Temperature settings
    Double-sided plates
    Max.opening angle - 180°
    Grilled food indoors
    Compact and fast, the AENO EG1 will let you enjoy your favorite grilled dishes all year round and in any weather!
    3 heating modes
    Cook your food by heating it only from the bottom, the top, or with both plates.
    Wide customization options
    Thanks to the possibility of choosing a temperature from a wide range and programming the timer, you can easily achieve the desired cooking method and not control already started cooking process
    Double-sided plates
    Both sides of the panels can be used for cooking. The ribbed surface is ideal for cooking steaks, fish, seafood, vegetables. The flat back surface will allow you to enjoy pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelets, cheesecakes, etc
    Easy care
    Removable panels are easy to clean under the tap or in the dishwasher. The absence of mechanical buttons allows you to effortlessly care for the entire surface of the grill.
    Digital display
    Not only is there a digital display showing various metrics, but there are also indicator lights that change colors depending on the cooking stage. The colors are programmed in the following order: blue, green, yellow, red.
    Large cooking surface
    180° grill opening function allows you to cook more food at the same time
    Non-stick coated panels
    Cook with minimal oil without worrying about your food sticking or burning to the surface.
    Cook like in an oven!
    Use an appropriately sized disposable aluminum or casserole dish for a variety of omelets, casseroles, julienne, baked vegetables, and more.
    Thermal insulation of the body will prevent you from getting burned while operating at maximum heat levels. Furthermore, there is an auto-shutoff function in case of overheating.

    Product specifications

    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Additional information
    Marketing Model Name
    Commercial Name
    Electric Grill EG1
    Kitchen Appliance Type
    Electric Grill
    Control Type
    Touch Control
    Chassis Material
    Stainless Steel
    Maximum Cooking Temperature
    230 °C
    Minimum Cooking Temperature
    80 °C
    Cooking Protection System
    Overheating Protection
    Additional Features
    3 cooking modes: upper grill, lower grill or both grills
    Precise Manual settings: up to 230 °C in 5 °C increments; up to 60 minutes timer
    Enlarged coking space: 6 portions at the same time
    Cook at 2 plates at the same time: 180° opening angle
    Convinient LED display
    Double-sided plates: choose the preferable ones - ribbed or flat
    Anti-slip feet keeps grill firmly in place
    5 minutes for ideal medium-rare steak
    Cook healthy food with no oil: non-stick plates
    Auto power-off: overheat protection
    Intuitive touch control
    e-Recipe Book
    3-in-1: Grill, Barbecue and Oven
    Powerfull - 2000W
    Set Includes
    Oil Drip Tray
    External Colour
    Cord Length (m)
    1 m
    Compatible Accessories
    AEGP1 - Double-Sides Plate (1 pcs)
    AEGWP1 - Waffle Plates (2pcs in set)
    Cooking Programs Quantity
    3 Programs
    Automatic Cooking Programs
    Lower Grill
    Upper Grill
    Both Grill
    Fast pre-heating: ready to use in 2 minutes
    Safe-to-touch: non-heated handle and top surface
    Compatible accessories always available: waffle plates, double-sided plates
    Included: 2 double sided plates, oil drip tray
    320*220mm plate size
    Color and sound indication
    Oil Drip tray: less mess while cooking
    Removable non-stick plates: easy-to-clean under the tap or in dishwasher
    Plastic Details
    288g Recycle
    1340g Not Recycle
    87g Recycle
    3g Recycle
    Dimensions & Weight
    Depth (mm)
    355 mm
    Height (mm)
    165 mm
    Width (mm)
    338 mm
    Nominal Weight
    5.08 kg
    Input Voltage
    AC 220-240 V
    Input Frequency
    50 Hz
    Maximum Output Power
    2000 W
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    40 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    -5 °C
    Maximum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature
    70 °C
    Minimum Non-Operating Ambient Temperature
    -20 °C
    Maximum Operating Humidity
    90 %
    Minimum Operating Humidity
    50 %


    Electric Grill AENO EG1
    159 EUR