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Bio Electric Diagnostics BELD, White

Art: BELD V 5.0
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B.EL.D™ - One device, hundreds of applications

Developed and designed by EMBIO Diagnostics, B.EL.D™ [Bio Electric Diagnostics], a potentiometer device combined with the proprietary algorithms and machine learning, is one of the few multi-purpose portable analyzer systems on the market.

How it works

The working principle of the device is an open circuit potential (OCP). The system uses high-precision Analog-to-digital (A/D) converters to measure electrical signals from cells used as biorecognition elements, enabling high-performance control, parallel measurements, wireless transmissions, and high-speed testing. The B.EL.D™ can also be used as a stand-alone system -without the need to use cells as biorecognition elements- for numerous environmental, chemical, and medical applications according to the potentiometry principle.

B.EL.D™ advanced data analytics methods combined with machine learning to continually enhance its accuracy.


  • wireless and portable ​
  • results in 3 min in the app​
  • up to 99% accuracy​
  • 100+* tests per battery charge cycle
  • up to 8 hours use on single charge​
  • usable at any location ​
  • affordable consumables​
  • can be used by employee with no scientific background

B.EL.D™ Dashboard and Mobile App

You can easily connect the B.EL.D™ device to your phone or tablet and view your results instantly with the help of the B.EL.D™ mobile app. Additionally, you can store data in the cloud and share your findings with your team, facilitating team collaboration and enabling data access from any location.

The B.EL.D™ dashboard is a strong tool for storing and analyzing your data. You can create reports, view overview statistics, and work with the scientific team behind EMBIO to create brand-new algorithms or modify existing ones to suit your unique requirements. You have all the tools you need to maintain your organization and keep up with your data with the dashboard.

B.EL.D™ Areas of application:

  • Granular activated Carbon Efficiency: B.EL.D™ is a handheld analyzer used, among other applications, to evaluate the performance of granular activated carbon (GAC) systems. B.EL.D™ evaluates the GAC efficiency and detects its saturation

    • helps determine granulated activated carbon filter efficiency
    • detects general deviation on water standards
    • helps solve water quality issues
    • helps reduce operating costs
  • Research applications according to the potentiometry principle: B.EL.D™ offers significant advantages such as portability, rapid measurement, robustness, compactness, and reduction of the volume of sample to realize the recognition. It could be applied to the determination of many organic and inorganic compounds (sugars, urea, antibiotics, neurotransmitters, pesticides, carbon dioxide and many other ionic species).
    • Uses based on potentiometry principle
    • Minimum sample quantity (drop) needed
    • Good to test organic and inorganic matter
    • Get results directly on our app & dashboard
  • Listeria monocytogenes detection: B.EL.D™ is a revolutionary technology for fast, low-cost detection of Listeria monocytogenes in dairy leafy vegetables and other food processing environments. Thanks to the incubation method advanced by EMBIO scientific team, B.EL.D™ detects Listeria monocytogenes in just 24h instead of 48h. Furthermore, by using machine learning, B.EL.D™ data analysis algorithms continuously improve their accuracy making it a powerful tool for high-risk situations.
    • reduces incubational time: 24h instead of 48h
    • is based on the ISO 11290-1:2017 standard
    • uses combined data with proprietary algorithm and machine learning to improve test results


Battery Power
Battery (Capacity)
1000 mAh
Sensor Description
Bio Electric Diagnostics
External Colour
Included Accessories
Power Adapter
Warranty Card
Quick Start Guide
USB Cable
Wireless Standards
Bluetooth 5.2
Product Size
130x80.3x29.9 mm
Mechanical Features
External Colour
Included Accessories
Power Adapter
Warranty Card
Quick Start Guide
USB Cable
Warranty Products Returnable
Warranty Term (month)
24 month(s)
Warranty Validation Criteria
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Bio Electric Diagnostics BELD, White
229 EUR
379 EUR