Air Purifiers AENO AP2S, Matt White

    Art: AAP0002S

    Smart air purifier cleans a room of 50 m2 in just 17 minutes.
    5 purification steps: Pre-filter removes dust and hair; HEPA 13 filter catches 99.9% of minor particles like bacteria; Carbon filter removes odours and formaldehydes; UV lamp eliminates all harmful pollutants including mould; Ioniser Increases negative ions concentration in oxygen to attract all dangerous particles so they won’t get into the human body.

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    2 years warranty
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    What does it feel like to breathe a truly clean air?
    Service area 50m², 3-in-1 HEPA filter, UV-lamp, ionization. Smart control via wi-fi and voice.
    AENO Air Purifier
    What is HEPA?
    HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are made of submicron glass fibres and are recognized as a top standard all over the globe. HEPA-based systems purify hospitals and hazardous plants.
    3-in-1 HEPA
    captures large particles, such as pet
    hair and dust
    HEPA filter
    captures 99.95% of the extremely
    small particles, like mold, pollen,
    Carbon filter
    removes VOCs from the air,
    including smoke and smog
    HEPA removes 99.5%* of the indoor
    and outdoor pollutants
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    Pollen and alergens
    How UV-lamp works?
    Short-wave ultraviolet light inactivates
    pathogens like mold, bacteria and viruses, in the incoming air. Preparing the ground for the
    HEPA to do the main job!
    How does Ionization work?
    Negatively charged ions attract positively charged pollutants, the particles stick to each other, weigh down and fall on the floor or furniture.
    Product Hints
    Smart control via
    wi-fi and voice
    Install the AENO app for Android
    or iOS to get remote control via
    Wi-fi and voice.
    Fan Modes
    Set up
    Night Mode
    Automatic Shutdown
    Intelligent Scenarios
    Sleep well
    Proper sleep is crucial for the health, while the air affects it dramatically. Turn on the sleep mode and sleep well, while the purifier cleans the air silently yet effective.
    Let the children play
    Kids are restless, they love to explore. Let them be and protect the device with a single button on the remote control or via App.
    Leave it in auto mode
    While turned on, the device monitors the pollution level. If the air quality, inside or outside, gets worse, the purification starts automatically.

    Product specifications

    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Additional information
    Marketing Model Name
    Commercial Name
    Air Purifier AP2S
    Kind of Appliance
    Air Purifier
    Control Type
    Smart control AENO App (via wi-fi)
    Voice Control
    Remote Controller
    4 Speeds Flow (Auto, High, Medium, Sleep)
    Coverage Area up to
    50 m^2
    CADR up to 420 m³/h
    Air Appliances Features
    5 cleaning levels: pre-filter, HEPA 13, Carbon, UV lamp, Ionizer
    Effective cleaning of 50m2 in just 17 minutes
    Operating from any place in the world: user-friendly AENO app
    T-Voc sensor: detection and cleaning dangerous volatile organic compounds
    Cleaning air from allergens
    Removing unpleasant odors including cigarette smoke
    Ultra Quiet: 25 dB in the night mode
    Automatically detecting the required cleaning mode
    Can be hung on the wall
    Wide range of ways to control: remote controller, app, touch screen, voice assistants
    Voice control: Alexa, Siri, Google assistant
    Neutralizing 99.9% of harmful particles: bacteria, pollen, mold etc
    Filter Change Reminder
    ECO Packaging
    Child Protection
    Smart Scenario Builder
    Compact and stylish design: only 10 cm thick
    Cleaning schedule: once set up - always clean
    Consumables always available: long-life filter up to 24 months with no change
    Easy filter change system
    4 Speed modes: Auto, Turbo, Medium, Sleep
    Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution indication
    Pleasant to touch material
    Energy-efficient: 40W only
    Compatible Accessories
    Filter AAPF2
    External Colour
    Matt White
    Cord Length (m)
    1.7 m
    Maximum Noise Level
    25 dB
    CE, ROHS
    Voice Assistant
    Voice Assistant Support
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Assistant
    Dimensions & Weight
    Depth (mm)
    100 mm
    Height (mm)
    395 mm
    Width (mm)
    590 mm
    Nominal Weight
    6.4 kg
    Input Voltage
    AC 100-240 V
    Input Frequency
    50/60 Hz
    Nominal Output Power
    40 W


    Air Purifiers AENO AP2S, Matt White
    269 EUR