Display Size
Internal Memory Size
Camera Resolution
Front Camera
Video Playback Time
Audio Playback Time
Black Blue Gold Green Midnight Pink Purple Silver Tan White Yellow
iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 15
Display Size
6.70" 6.10"
Internal Memory Size
1 TB 256 GB 512 GB 128 GB
Apple A17 Pro Apple A16 Bionic Apple A15 Bionic
Camera Resolution
48 Mpixel + 12 Mpixel + 12 Mpixel 12 Mpixel + 12 Mpixel (Dual Cameras) 48 Mpixel + 12 Mpixel
Front Camera
12 Mpixel
Video Playback Time
23 Hours 29 Hours 26 Hours 20 Hours
Audio Playback Time
95 Hours 100 Hours 75 h 80 h

iPhones advantages over other smartphones

iPhones have indeed deserved the name of the world’s most prestigious smartphones. What makes them stand out? The most productive, stylish, and functional - these are just some of the Apple phones' features.

  1. iPhone is a full-fledged compact computer at your hand that can easily cope with any task. Such a device will benefit a wide range of professionals from businesspeople to creators and students.

  2. Apple's technologies are the most advanced and iPhone's performance sets a high standard, which other gadget manufacturers are trying to match. It is expressed in every aspect: design, characteristics, gadgets' range.

  3. The latest series of iPhones include models that can solve even complex tasks: shooting videos underwater, creating professional photos, video editing, and more.

  4. Due to the wide functionality and high reliability, iPhones are in high demand among people whose work is related to online businesses or frequent negotiations.

How to choose an iPhone?

Here are the main criteria for choosing an iPhone:

  1. Budget you have – the most expensive are the latest series; the earlier the Apple iPhone was designed, the cheaper it is;
  2. Basic characteristics – when you've chosen the series, decide on the memory capacity required. If you need to store substantial amounts of data, choose devices with 256 GB or even more;
  3. Service life expected – if you are planning to use iPhone long-term, then it is better to purchase the models of the latest series. They will remain relevant much longer than the devices of previous generations.

Also, look at the important peculiarities of the iPhones that are worth to know before you buy one:

  1. Display with a Liquid Retina matrix (provides natural color reproduction);
  2. High level of security (all data is encrypted and the phone itself supports several locking methods);
  3. Instant synchronization with other Apple devices (iPhone instantly connects to other gadgets of the brand creating your personal ecosystem);
  4. High cameras quality (photos taken on the latest iPhone models are no different from those taken on a SLR camera);
  5. Ultimate security and comfort of use (high battery capacity, comfortable screen diagonal, compact size, durable case - all these features make iPhone a reliable gadget);
  6. Original and recognizable design (all smartphones are made in a minimalist style typical of Apple).

How to buy an iPhone cheaper?

If you are looking for the ways to buy an original Apple smartphone, consider having a refurbished iPhone. The ‘refurbished’ iPhones are 100% original products that underwent restoration at the facilities of Apple partners. These are typically fully functional electronics but the owner, for instance, chose to buy the newest model.

Since these gadgets receive a second chance at life, they are marketed as refurbished instead of new and are offered for far less money than brand-new ones.

Are iPhones covered with warranty?

Yes, all the iPhones sold at PrestigioPlaza are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year. And when it comes to 2nd life devices, due to a thorough verification process, all legally refurbished iPhones are covered by a warranty that can extend up to 12 months depending on the grade.

iPhone Price: How much does an iPhone cost?

You can learn actual prices for all the iPhone models on our website:

What additional services do you provide when purchasing an iPhone?

Our specialists provide a wide range of services for iPhone owners. They include:

  1. Apple ID registration
  2. Restoring access to your Apple ID
  3. Transferring your data from your old iPhone or Android smartphone to the new iPhone
  4. Linking payment card to your Apple Wallet
  5. Updating or recovering your iOS system
  6. Installing screen protection glass
  7. Removing contaminations from your iPhone

Why buy an iPhone at the online store?

You can experience the power of iPhone and enjoy using it only if you buy the original device. Buy iPhone in Cyprus at PrestigioPlaza.

See catalog or visit our showroom in Limassol to find out the iPhone prices in Cyprus, compare various models in our range, and shop for 100% original device from Cyprus iPhone reseller.