About Apple

Apple is an American corporation that designs computers, tablets, phones, watches, and players. In addition, the company produces accessories (cases, cables, and peripherals) and software for its devices and distributes its products and services worldwide.

The Apple brand was created on April 1, 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs. Originally, the company was registered under the trademark Apple Computers. On January 9, 2007, the company announced a name change to Apple Inc, as a sign that the corporation's electronics market was no longer limited to computers alone.

Benefits of the Apple brand

High Quality – The brand offers quality products, including many extra features, and is well known for its creativity and intelligence. The MacBook and iPhone are Apple's core products and are a sign of success and popularity. The brand also includes many more advanced products’ lines with outstanding variety.

Customers’ loyalty - Apple is a brand that has gained ardent customer loyalty. A stellar reputation was built through fair marketing and accepting criticism. This is how Apple creates value for customers as they form strong beliefs about its products versus its competitors.

Emerging technologies - You cannot use an Apple product and remain a tech buff. It is an accepted fact that the brand is incredibly powerful and technologically advanced. Customers pay attention to the latest models presented, as they always feature improvements to suit their needs.

Advanced availability – The brand's experience goes beyond physical shops and Apple online store, meaning it spreads dealership to various places around the world. Your connection with the brand starts from the first step on the path to purchase, right through to product introduction and use. You can buy Apple in Cyprus in our store online with courier delivery or visit physical shop in Cyprus in Limassol.

Range of Apple products

  1. The company has made significant investments in Apple's MacBook, iPhone, iPad products and Apple Music service, and still the corporation maintains a core brand identity strongly associated with the Apple name or logo.

  2. The current Apple product line also makes available business products and solutions like iMac, iBook, iLife, iWork, and iCloud.

  3. The company's decision to launch the Apple Pay and Apple Watch brands in 2014 resulted in these newest businesses becoming even more strongly associated with the brand.

  4. Apple TV is one of the long-term projects that can transform the user experience into another aspect of people's daily lives.

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