Δέσμη Sous Vide AENO SV1 + Vacuum Sealer AENO VS2

    άρθρο: ASV0001

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    189 EUR
    238 EUR
    Sous-Vide SV1
    Healthier, juicier and tastier
    Key points
    4 automatic
    Temperature range:
    20-95 °C
    Timer: up to
    100 hours
    Sous-vide (French for “under vacuum”) is a method of slow cooking vacuum-packed foods at a relatively low and precisely controlled temperature.

    Sous vide benefits
    Vitamins and microelements are preserved
    The food will not turn out dry or overcooked
    Ideal way to prepare dietary and vegetarian meals
    No special culinary skills are needed to create restaurant-level dishes
    Temperature and time matters
    Precise temperature settings from 20 to 95 °C in 0.5 °C increments. Precise time settings with timers up to 100 hours and increments down to 1 minute.
    Intuitive controls
    Convenient touch controls will launch the necessary mode with just a few clicks. The backlit display will show the current temperature and the remaining time until the end of the cooking process.
    Manual control
    Allows you to create your own cooking scenarios by setting the time and temperature.
    4 automatic programs
    Each program is the optimal combination of temperature and cooking time for juicy and tender meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits, fish, seafood and much more.
    Vacuum matters
    Sous vide cooking is not possible without placing the product in a vacuumed bag. The AENO vacuum sealer, which is designed to automatically vacuum and seal food bags, will do just fine.
    How it works

    The thermal insulation of the handle will prevent you from getting burned at maximum Sous-Vide operating temperatures. There is an auto-shutoff function in case of insufficient or excessive amount of water, overheating and at the end of an automatic or manual program.
    Easy Care
    The absence of mechanical buttons allows you to effortlessly take care of the flat surface.
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    Προϊόντα εγγύησης με δυνατότητα επιστροφής
    Διάρκεια εγγύησης (μήνας)
    24 μήνας(-οί)
    Κριτήρια επικύρωση εγγυήσης
    Σειριακός αριθμός
    Additional information
    Όνομα μοντέλου μάρκετινγκ
    Εμπορικό όνομα
    Sous Vide SV1
    Τύπος συσκευής κουζίνας
    Sous Vide
    Είδος Συσκευής
    Sous Vide - Immersion
    Τύπος θερμαντήρα
    Heating Tube
    Τύπος στοιχείου ελέγχου
    Sensor Buttons
    Chassis Material
    Πλαστικό ABS
    Ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι
    Ποσότητα Προγραμμάτων Μαγειρικής
    4 Automatic Programs
    Χαρακτηριστικά θερμαντήρα
    Water Level Sensor
    Maximum Cooking Temperature
    95 °C
    Minimum Cooking Temperature
    20 °C
    Σύστημα Προστασίας Μαγειρέματος
    Temperature Sensor
    Temperature Fuse
    Αυτόματη απενεργοποίηση
    Εξωτερικό χρώμα
    Μαύρο/ Ασημί
    Μήκος καλωδίου (m)
    1 Μέτρα
    E-recipe book
    Sound indication: you will know when the food is ready
    Auto power-off
    Healthy and juicy food: preserve vitamins and microelements
    Cook any types of products: meat, fish, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits etc.
    Cooking time set up to 100 hours
    Manual settings: Precise temperature settings from 20°C up to 95°C in 0.5°C increments; Time adjustment with up to 1 min increments
    4 automatic programs: easy to cook like a chief
    No special utensils: clamp for home cook ware
    Convinient LCD display and intuitive touch control
    Visible water scale: min/max levels
    Water circulation for perfectly even cooking
    LED indication: easy to check if the device is ON
    Perfect with AENO Vacuum sealers
    Low noise level and no cooking odors
    overheat and low water level protection
    Safe and easy to clean
    IPX7 Waterproof
    Compact size: easy to store
    Stainless steal: easy to clean and descaling
    Fast pre-heating
    Plastic Details
    67γρ. Recycle
    120.3γρ. Recycle
    34γρ. Recycle
    Dimensions & Weight
    Βάθος (χιλ.)
    57 χιλ.
    Ύψος (χιλ.)
    351 χιλ.
    Πλάτος (χιλ.)
    90 χιλ.
    Βάρος προϊόντος
    1 κιλά
    Τάση εισόδου
    Εναλλασσόμενο ρεύμα 220-240 V
    Συχνότητα εισόδου
    50 Hz
    Μέγιστη ισχύς εξόδου
    1200 βατ
    Μέγιστη θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος λειτουργίας
    100 °C
    Ελάχιστη θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος λειτουργίας
    0 °C
    Μέγιστη μη λειτουργούσα θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος
    40 °C
    Ελάχιστη μη λειτουργούσα θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος
    0 °C
    Μέγιστη Υγρασία λειτουργίας
    90 %
    Ελάχιστη Υγρασία λειτουργίας
    20 %
    Μέγιστη υγρασία μη λειτουργίας
    90 %
    Ελάχιστη υγρασία μη λειτουργίας
    20 %
    Τυπικό επίπεδο θορύβου λειτουργίας
    65 Ντεσιμπέλ
    Πρότυπα Προστασίας


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    17.05.2024 13:05

    This Sous Vide is one of the most compact versions I found on the market, it gets the job done and is not hard to get a hang of it. Important thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t come with the bags and you need a separate vacuum sealer to use it properly. The same brand offers a pretty good option for a vacuum sealer that comes with 5 bags so I purchased them together.


    small, powerful


    comes without a lid

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    Δέσμη Sous Vide AENO SV1 + Vacuum Sealer AENO VS2
    189 EUR
    238 EUR