Smart Socket AQARA, Λευκό

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    Aqara Smart Plug

    Automate Your Appliances
    Remote Control | Timer Mode | Voice Control Enabled | Energy Monitoring | Overheat & Overload Protection
    * A Hub is required

    Automate Your Appliances

    The Aqara Smart Plug can automate appliances easily.
    Numerous smart scenes are available when the plug works with other Aqara smart devices.
    Remote Control with Your Phone

    Forgot to turn off the fan when you hurry outside? Just take out your phone and open Aqrar Home app. Then, you can turn off all the electrical appliances at your home easily.

    With Timer Mode, You Can Lead a Carefree Life

    Coffee maker automatically turns on at 7:00 AM.
    A wonderful day begins with a steaming cup of hot coffee.

    At 7:00 PM, the humidifier automatically turns on, before you arrive home to provide you with a comfortable environment.

    Enjoy Smart Life

    Aqara Smart Plug work with your favorite smart home platforms like Aqara Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and can be conveniently integrated with different smarthome devices.

    * Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires an Apple TV with tvOS 10.2 or later or an iPad with iOS 11.0 or later or a Home Pod set up as a home hub.

    Aqara Home Automation
    You can customize different scenes with our suite of smart home products.
    * It is recommended to use iOS 12.0 or above. A HomePod, Apple TV ( tvOS 11.0 or above ) or an iPad ( iOS 1

    Lights Will Turn On When Someone Walks By

    Lights Turn On When the Door Is Opened

    Turn On or Off the Fan with One Press of a Button
    Power Consumption Report

    The Aqara Smart Plug can record the power consumption of appliances on a daily or monthly basis, helping you monitor the power consumption and save money on your monthly energy bills.
    * The Aqara Smart Plug does not support appliances over 16A.
    Overheat and Overload Protection

    When the load power or the temperature of the plug is above the set standard, it will automatically cut off the power to avoid any danger.

    Multiple Safeguards to Ensure Your Safety

    Utilizing V-0 grade flame-retardant material, the Aqara Smart Plug is safe and reliable. It is equipped with a protective shell to prevent electric shock by accident. It can support home appliances with a maximum power consumption of 2300W.

    Supports Zigbee 3.0 Protocol

    Easy to Connect in Just 3 Steps


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    Κριτήρια επικύρωση εγγυήσης
    Σειριακός αριθμός
    Τεχνολογία Επικοινωνιών
    ZigBee 3.0 (IEEE 802.15.4)
    iOS (έκδοση 12 και νεότερη), Android (5.0 and later), tvOS (11 and higher)
    Έξυπνη πρίζα μεγέθους
    77.5x62x62 χιλ.
    Προστασία υπερφόρτωσης
    Θερμική προστασία
    Παρακολούθηση τάσης, ρεύματος και ισχύος
    Εξωτερικό χρώμα
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    Smart Socket AQARA, Λευκό
    39 EUR