A family laptop is the most versatile piece of equipment in the house. It is often used to work, study, watch movies, play, surf the Internet and make video calls to relatives. And the question arises – what to look for when buying a laptop? The main things to consider are its productivity, mobility, and ease of use.  

The MacBook Air with the M3 chip is ideal for all everyday tasks and even goes beyond that. This is a revolutionary new product from Apple, in which everything is balanced: from the features it opens to the price.

Works longer and consumes less

Compared to the machines running on the Apple M1 chip, the new M3 chip provides almost 2 times faster performance, supports bigger and brighter graphics, and may run with 2 external displays.

The center of the system is the central processor, created using a 5-nanometer process technology. It consists of 8 cores. Four of them are high-performance, they solve complex problems. Another four are energy efficient, allowing you to maximize energy saving when performing everyday tasks. For example, surfing the web or watching movies. 

The 8-core graphics processor processes up to 25 thousand data streams. Thanks to it, graphics processing speed has increased by 5 times. 8K video plays without glitches or delays. Games run incredibly smoothly. And resource-intensive graphics processes run instantly. This is the most powerful integrated graphics in computer chips.

Portability and autonomy

MacBook Air is thin and light, weighing no more than 1.5 kg. And the thickness of the laptop at its widest point is a little more than 1 cm. Therefore, it is convenient to take the device with you on a trip, to work or to university. Your workplace will not be tied to your home. 

You can choose an optimal screen diagonal – 13.3 or 15.3 inches. These are versatile sizes that are perfect for work, school, and gaming without taking up much space. 

Apple developers managed to combine the incompatible: to create a powerful laptop with amazing battery life. And all this in an ultra-thin ‘airy’ body made of sturdy aluminum for maximum protection! Previously, buyers had to choose between these qualities. MacBook Air M3 works without recharging for up to 18 hours – that’s almost 2 full working days.

MacOS Big Sur

This is one of the most advanced operating systems for PC. The updated toolbar makes controls easier to access. Now all widgets, messenger and social network notifications are collected in one place. You can group them, unfold them, or clear them in one motion. 

For the first time, you can run iPhone or iPad apps on your MacBook. Safari browser is the fastest and most energy efficient browser available on desktop computers. And the Spotlight function searches through all the files and folders that are on the computer. You only need to enter a keyword.


The MacBook Air M1 has a Retina display with a wide color gamut (P3) and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. High pixel density and 2880×1864 resolution provide incredible graphics realism. Create presentations for school, work in Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, or just watch movies – you’ll enjoy every activity on Mac. 

Thanks to its anti-glare coating, you can use your laptop anywhere, even on a sun-drenched beach. And don’t squint at all. Mac has light sensors and automatically adjusts brightness and temperature to suit your environment. And Night Shift technology removes the cold blue glow of the screen, which provokes sleep problems. The function makes the screen colors warmer – a great innovation for those who sit at the computer until late at night.

Keyboard and trackpad

MacBook Air M3 is equipped with a scissor-style Magic Keyboard. They have less thickness and key travel compared to a regular desktop keyboard. It’s also quiet, so you won’t disturb your family’s rest if you’re working, typing, or playing late into the night. 

Apple has equipped the keyboard with adjustable backlighting, so it can change brightness depending on the lighting. If the room is dark, then when you open the laptop, the keys will automatically light up. By the way, the design of the keys themselves is closed, so crumbs or debris will not get under them. 

For most people, a touch trackpad will be more convenient than any mouse. It supports a huge number of gestures that make working on the computer easier. It also very accurately determines the position of the finger – indispensable for people who process photos or edit videos.

Long story short

MacBook Air running on M3 chip is a revolutionary new product from Apple, which is absolutely enough for your daily needs. It is incredibly productive, fast and convenient. It’s thin, lightweight, and lasts a surprisingly long time on a single charge. Whether you’re studying, working, or just looking for a machine for everyday tasks, this Mac won’t let you down. It excels at meeting today’s demands and is ready for the challenges of the future. 

Apple introduced the MacBook Air on the M3 chip in two models: with SSD 256 and 512 GB. You can purchase any of them with an official warranty in Prestigio Plaza stores.

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